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about us

At Georgian Telecom, our team operates with a strong sense of collaboration and support, uniting efforts on every project to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Our Mission

Enhance the daily lives of individuals through technology, ensuring 100% protection of their lives and property.y friendly solutions.

Our Objective

Ensure the steady growth and profitability of the company while establishing optimal conditions for the safety and comfort of both organizations and individuals.

Our Priorities

1. Tailoring services to meet individual demands.


2. Utilizing products from the world’s top manufacturers.


3. Fostering a spirit of teamwork.


4. Ensuring safe, swift, and high-quality service.


5. Incorporating innovative technologies into our offerings.


Georgian Telecommunication, established by Ericsson employees on June 6, 2017, focuses on project planning, installation, and post-installation service provision. The company quickly secured partnerships with key players such as Turk Telekom, Turkcell, and Avea. Notably, Georgian Telecommunication has gained the trust of prominent companies, including BP, Maqro Construction, TAV Construction, TAV Georgia, Enka, Dorce, Worley Parsons, and Turkish Airlines.


Through effective teamwork, we provide tailored solutions, reliable techniques, and services to both real estate owners and retailers. Our commitment to quality communication and seamless continuity sets us apart in the field. Georgian Telecommunication ensures uninterrupted communication quality for its customers across the entire territory of Georgia and beyond.