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Fire security systems​

We offer a wide range of fire safety systems integrated with different systems. Correctly selected and installed fire systems are vital; therefore, we choose a specific system only after becoming acquainted with the architectural structure of a building. Our offerings include:

– Fire detection.

– Addressed fire alarm systems.

– Evacuation alarm and announcement systems.

– Automatic fire extinguishing systems.

CCTV surveillance systems

For maximum safety, we offer relevant video camera surveillance for any kind of facilities through up-to-date technologies and modern installation techniques. Our services include:

– Surveillance of movable objects
– Counting of movable objects
– Detection of abandoned objects
– Object searching
– Face identification

Datacentre design and implementation​

The server room is the most important place for the company, serving as an endpoint for networking equipment, communication equipment, and all cables required for this system. The data center may vary in complexity, uniting services efficiently or simply. We offer the following services:

– Data center design for efficient cooling and easy cable management
– Installation of uplifted floor systems
– Fire suppression in server rooms (FM-200)
– Video monitoring and authorization systems
– Installation of controllable air-conditioning for server rooms

Smart House

The Smart house offers a high-technology system that connects to a smartphone, enabling you to control your house remotely. The system includes:

– Safety system control
– Magnetic contacts
– Motion sensors
– Fire safety systems
– Gas detectors
– Water detectors
– Lighting control
– Control of curtains

Fiber-optic cable​

Fiber optic cable is employed for long-distance communication, as it experiences less signal loss compared to electric cables. Our services include:

– Consultation and design
– Infrastructure cabling
– FTTX & CATV solutions
– Fiber splicing and welding
– Inspection and error solving
– OTDR & PMD CD testing

GSM systems & networking​

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) services is a standard collection of applications and features available to mobile phone subscribers worldwide. We offer Smart House GSM Systems & Networking services, including:

– Site survey
– Indoor/outdoor installation
– RF optimization
– Transmission and optimization
– EMR survey and reporting
– Tower installation
– DC/AC energy solutions
– Fixed network
– LT broadcast

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